The Company

SystemixG was founded in October of 1996. It is the sole company in South Korea that forecasts social phenomenon through the implementation of System Dynamics using the Vensim Software.

Although System Dynamics makes accurate predictions on social phenomenon through modeling, the domestic environment of the company in South Korea has a bigger gap when you compare it with various examples of SD program for forecasting in other advanced countries.

SystemixG offers a positive solution for its clients with the use of forecasting model that reflects the different social phenomenon based on our many years of experience of using System Dynamics of forecasting as the best tool.

We have continously improved with our customers.


Established SystemixG in 1996
Nuclear power plant operating strategy model (Korea Electric Power Research Institute)
Atomic Energy Research Institute contribution model
(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
R & D model (Ministry of Science and Technology)
Manpower forecasting model
(Government Administration and Home Affairs, the National Police Agency)
Manpower allocation model development (Police)
Clean Business Model Development (Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency)
Korea's economy and the stock price prediction model (Samsung Securities (shares))
Privatization of public enterprises, the analysis model
(the Samsung Economic Research Institute)
Steel demand and price forecasting model (POSCO Management Institute)
Semiconductor model (Samsung Economic Research Institute)
Hyundai Motor U.S. market demand forecasting model development
Hyundai Motor Domestic market demand forecasting model development
Eland Business Strategy Model
IBICS management strategy Model
Marketing and Product Planning Model
YEAR 2008  
2008. 06 : SystemixG Change of company name
Korea Automobile Importers Association(2008)
  ⇒  the domestic car market forecast model development
Korea Industrial Safety Corporation (2008)
  ⇒  Safety Development Index
Korea Industrial Safety Corporation (2008)
  ⇒  Building long-term public relations strategy
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (2008)
  ⇒  economics(CANFLEX) research